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Despite being a team of only three, we have a diverse set of backgrounds, influences, and experiences in the music industry.


Mitchell McCloy


Born and raised in small town St. Jacobs with big city ambitions, Mitchell is the originator and driving force behind Canadian Daydream. Having explored almost every facet of the industry, from working musician to band manager, producer, engineer, live production technician, his level of experience is extensive to say the least. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does is unbridled and fuelled by his love of everything artistically expressive.

Stefan Tomala

Award-winning songwriter and gifted multi-instrumentalist, Stefan hails from the nation's capital but his home is behind a console. Co-conceptor of what is now Canadian Daydream, Stefan's partnership with Mitchell and Jack began as bandmates whilst the three attended Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts program. Although he's still the drummer in the band, this partnership lead to what the company is today through his talent and passion for audio engineering.

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Jack Darby

A dedicated songsmith and lyricist, Jack left Nowhere, ON., in order to find his niche in the music industry. Bolstered by his creative fervour and knack for networking, Jack joined the partnership after its inception, and has helped shape the brand of the company and its direction. His passion still lies primarily in songwriting and production, but as head of artist relations, Jack is often considered the social face of the company and will probably be the first hand you'll shake.

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