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At Canadian Daydream, we understand that no two projects are the same. That's why we offer individualized pricing based on your particular needs. Contact us for a quote today. Our services include:

Single Song


What's the difference between a great song and a great production? Us.

Starting At: $1100.00


Nobody's perfect. That's where we come in.

Starting At: $75.00



Good things come in threes (and higher). Get a better price on your 3+ track album.

Starting At: $2475.00


Do your own recording? Let us take the bedroom sound out of your bedroom album.

Starting At: $300.00

Podcasting & Corporate Audio

Anyone with a cell phone can record dialogue. We do it better.

Starting At: $300.00


Ensure your music is heard how it's supposed to be, across all platforms.

Starting At: $100.00

No matter your sound, style, or niche, we're into it and we've done it before. Sample some of our genre-spanning work below: 

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