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Canadian Daydream is the culmination of the passions, experience, and tireless efforts of three graduates of Fanshawe College’s renowned Music Industry Arts program. Throughout all our collaboration in school, starting a band together, and spending innumerable nights on one another’s couches, we’ve established a partnership and creative chemistry that has been invaluable in our lifelong journey in the music industry.


Making a name for ourselves in an industry built on relationships, we are devoted to ensuring the clients we work with are comfortable and confident with every step of the creative process. Our biggest goal with every project is to exceed expectations while staying true to the initial vision.  As artists ourselves, we know that putting your art in someone else’s hands can be an incredibly unnerving endeavour. That’s why we collaborate closely and conscientiously with every client we work with, both in and outside of the studio. While our work may speak for itself, the amount of return clients we see speaks volumes more about the quality of our process.

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The efforts we put into maintaining excellent relationships with our clientele go much further, however, than just respecting and upholding their original vision. We have and continue to accommodate projects of any size with flexible scheduling, and quick turnaround times. In the ever-changing landscape of the industry, we’ve collaborated and created beautiful productions without any artists, co-producers, or session musicians stepping foot in the studio. This process is also aided by the fact that we ourselves, the owners of Canadian Daydream, are proficient session players, and have provided instrumentation for a majority of the projects that have come through our doors.

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